Claudette Lefrançois"LIFE MOMENTS"

Galerie NuEdge
Mar 23, 2016 8:44PM

by Jasmine Nadeau • Mixte Magazine, M22, Montreal

Parcels of happiness, colourful bouquets and vibrant emotions, the works of Claudette Lefrançois possess the power to act as a balm for the aching soul, piercing the gray clouds with rays of light. Claudette Lefrançois in a few words.

To paint “I paint to feel alive. Each painting is a moment in life, a new challenge.”

Inspiration “I only have to open my eyes, to adopt an appreciation of nature and of the world around me, to ensure that, on my canvas, my imagination is set in motion.”

Creation “My paintings are bursts of life. They are born of instinct and concentration. All plays out in space, in a language imprinted with emotion and vibrant tension. I want to create a beautiful harmony where softness and strength come together in happiness. My gestures take place in, and focus on, rapid movement, which lend a dynamism to my paintings. My colours are chosen for intensity, brightness, and brilliance.”

Colours “The red of the poppy, blue of the Provençal sky, the purple of lavender fields, the blinding midday sun, vast expanses of white snow, the youthful greens of spring, stories told by the clouds, are all things of beauty that inspire my canvas.”

Influences “I have a particular appreciation for the painting of Cézanne, for his love of the Provençal countryside; Botticelli for his refinement; Kandinsky for his poetry and movement; and closer to my own style, Jean Miotte, lyrical abstract painter who wrote a book that I recommend, La rage de peindre”

Recent works “My last three paintings, Éclat de fête, Bleu en fête and Poussée de soleil were created this winter. One sure way to revive the warmth, brightness and poetry of flowers buried under snow.”

After formal studies including a B.A. in Visual Arts from the University of Montreal and several professional training courses at such renowned institutions as the Saidye Bronfman School of Fine Arts, Lefrançois has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows. Her paintings are presently on display at Galerie NuEdge Fine Arts International in Montreal.

Galerie NuEdge