Higashikawa Award 2013 for Rinko Kawauchi

Ferdinand Brueggemann
Aug 20, 2013 3:00PM

Rinko Kawauchi received the "Domestic Photographer Award" at the Higashikawa Photo Festival 2013.

The festival takes place in the town of Higashikawa which is located the middle of the island of Hokkaido, Japan.


Kawauchi captures personal scenes of everyday life and natural landscapes with a unique point of view and use of light, evoking universal themes like life and death, light and darkness, and heaven and earth with skillful compositions. For many years she has been working with a square format camera, but recently has also been using a large-format 4x5 camera and doing video works. She has engaged energetically in a variety of activities, publishing photobooks, holding exhibitions, and keeping a blog diary. She has presented many exhibitions in Japan and overseas. 

Ferdinand Brueggemann