I've been walking… and found myself in your heart

Gallery Chosun
Mar 19, 2020 3:40AM

November 2 - November 30, 2016

Ku Myung Seon makes her very own ‘girl concept(少女考)’into images by picking a model appropriate to the situation from the actual reality she experienced and positioning the model inside artist's private narrative. She cuts up images of women sampled from magazines, internet games, catalogues, and creates new characters by overcoding them with emotionally best suiting girl images from manga.

Long dark hair, lean line of the neck, deeply hollowed collar bones and eyes shattering like stars. The girls created at Ku Myung Seon's pencil tips skimming over paper are beautiful, yet are full of strange energy murmuring with an expressionless face.

Endless repetition of drawing, erasing and smearing of lines, is typical dessin skills used for college entrance practical exam and with this pencil drawing techniques the BW photos' mid-tone, shadow, highlight effects are displayed. As a result, the emotions from artist's body sink into the girl's body in the painting, enhancing emotional denseness. Particularly, the faint aura surrounding the girl's body shown in medium shot with a dark background, contains the girl's unstable and weak feeling afloat, and at the same time the fantasy of virtual entity created for this scene.

Gallery Chosun