Scenery that occurs

Gallery Chosun
Mar 18, 2020 9:42AM

by Jeongju Jeong

The art works or the model of buildings that I make focus on the spaces like the living room and the bathroom that I have previously lived in, the gymnasium and the dormitory that I have experienced, reproducing the authentic impression and atmosphere these spaces give off. I arrange the most basic architectural conditions like the size and the structure of a room, the location of a window, and intensity of the light in order to capture the unique aura in three dimensional building structures.

What is interesting is the fact that the eye of a camera is included within such a structure. Through the eye of the camera I have been researching how the authentic aura of each space is experienced by certain visual conditions. The camera could be understood as a tool to investigate the relation between the physical and perceptive locations.

The model of actual space with the camera installed inside allows spectators to get the inside information only through the eye of the camera. Spectators who desire to gain a complete understanding are faced with the physical impossibility of entering into the space. They can only experience the feeling of being inside by injecting their emotions into the eye of the camera. In this sense the camera in my work is the extended as well as the expanded independent eyes.

Gallery Chosun