TH by Sung-yoon Jung

Gallery Chosun
Mar 19, 2020 4:00AM


Sung-yoon Jung will release a new work featuring a highly tactile material, different from the previous work made of geometric forms and simple colors.

Sung-yoon Jung's representative work is a combination of a machine that moves on a primitive principle and a geometric shape. Sung-yoon Jung's work, which is seems to be so fragile that it almost looks like to be crushed or destroyed, continues to move in be a vain and useless repetition like a Absurdes Theater. Previous works made up of round or angular shapes repeat a narrow range of movements represent the rotation structure of the beginning, extension, and end of desire. The cold, heavier sculpture is actually the question of one of man's deepest identities - the desire. This sculpture invites us to create an empty space between our visual experience and memory.

Current works intend to expand the range of previous works by using different materials (fur, etc.). Simple repetitive machines used in previous works still appear, but the materials are tactile, like fur. Recent works that will reveal after the opening, are moving up in the air, repeating its tactile effect. With this new materials, the Artist created flexible and uncomputable outlines that are different from the previous ones, and expects to explore deeper regarding human agony and conflicts. Non-out-lined materials represent the source of untraceable desires fill the gallery. The Artist aims to recreate the old destiny that human repeats by figurative yet useless machine.(gallery chosun)

We each play an unknown scenario. It is frightening to look into the unknown. Recognizing the difficult path to comprehend involves the fear of death. We put our losses and progressive memories, such as depression, horror, revenge, and compassion in the modern machine in this age when time no longer means a thing. By rotating the virtual action that collects timeless, floating forms and matter, I tries to talk about paradoxical virtuality regarding machine works that creates performance and transition of interface. It is also a diagram of current, past and future desires.There are no specific results (shapes) in recent work. This is due to the uncertainty in the principle or behavior that affects the decision. It is intended to sustain any state that evolves into an unknown form rather than cut or added to the object for the form to be completed. I intend to re-create functional or non-functional mechanism that reflects the Process in which the force evolves into a form through its interior perception, and the Order of tense that created from increasing entropy. It is my methodology to see nature and the human world, and it is a tool to reconstruct and control the real form of the illusion of self.(Sung-yoon Jung)

Gallery Chosun