Why Sculptor Patrick Brun Chooses the Feminine Body

Gallery Karin Carton
Nov 27, 2018 12:10AM

Patrick Brun first studied engineering. Then he did his mandatory civil service as a math teacher. After that, he joined an American company near Rambouillet, France. Where the artist's workshop is today located. Patrick did all his 30 years of industrial career with the company. With different roles: production, sales, and to finish he was a regional director. In 1997, the company he worked for was bought. And Patrick Brun decided to turn to his passion: sculpting.

Woman's Hymn

Moreover, he also knew about painting. He finally left the engineering company in 1998. The same year, he bought a workshop. And went to work in a sculpture workshop for 2 years. In order to keep on learning. Patrick also went to Paris at “La Grande Chaumieres” to keep studying drawing. After, Patrick started inviting models at his own workshop. The first sculpture ready, went on to look for galleries. The opportunity arose and he found his first galleries. Through his network and other artists. In his entire career, he worked with close to 30 galleries.

The Artist's Depiction of a Woman's body

Patrick Brun mostly depicts women in his sculptures. Patrick also started to mold his children and to draw them. The viewer can see a lot of movement, positions, and aestheticism in the sculptures.

The artist specializes in naked feminine sculpture. Patrick considers that the feminine body is one of the best subjects for an artist. He needs his model to be in comfortable positions. When a model comes to the workshop, Patrick likes to ask her for a pose which she is comfortable doing. And this is the first real work of a feminine sculptor: finding the right pose. The artist is here looking for elegance, the eyes, the hands, and the hips position. Getting the model comfortable is everything. And a position she is comfortable showing to the public on a sculpture. What is important here for the artist, is the serenity that the models give to the viewer. The serenity that Patrick conveys perfectly in his sculpture.

A Interpretation by Patrick Brun

Patrick Brun always takes a personal approach to all of his work. Adding, rarely, volume to the models. But always just a little bit. The work of this artists is never vulgar. The sculpture is always elegant. The artist always tries to represent the reality as much as possible. Patrick Brun defines his work to be more academic. And it is the beauty of it.

Moreover, the Bronze material renders this reality to a perfection. Patrick Brun always takes pictures of the model’s hand, feet, and hips at the end of a session. In order to come back to the unique piece, if needed. And being able to come as close to reality as possible. The proportions are always strictly respected.

Patrick always makes sure that models are always involved in every part of the process. And that the final result is a satisfaction for her, too. He explains that in very cases, the model recognizes herself, and tends to be very proud.

The Artist in his Workshop. Photo courtesy of 78Actu.

Why Patrick Brun and the Gallery Karin Carton

"I have been exposing Patrick for 20 years now. And been following his work for more. I really love his work because he is in love with the feminine body. Patrick Brun is a perfectionist. He used to be an engineer and has an amazing technique. He has a view on women that is very aesthetic. Moreover, he always has positions for his models that remind me of dancing. His work is very feminine. The end sculpture is always very detailed. The positions are always elegant. It is a beautiful view of women."


Karin Carton has been a gallerist for more than 30 years. She went to the Louvre Museum school in Paris. She has known Patrick Brun for more than 20 years. And she is an early adopter of his work.

Gallery Karin Carton