The Lost, The Found, The Superfluous

Gallery Molly Krom
Jun 24, 2014 8:38PM

Gallery Molly Krom is very pleased to present two collections; a collection of stars and hills by Australian artist Shane Drinkwater and a collection of found and scavenged objects by New York-based artist Suzanne Goldenberg.

Both collections are comprised of elements and objects that have no monetary value and never had or lost their provenance. The artists organize these lost, found and unneeded objects so they are transformed into fragile, whimsical, and melancholic compositions that speak of an infinite universe, that lacks nothing we need and accepts all we discard. But that is where the commonality ends.

Shane Drinkwater puts his collection on strips of paper and timber. As with any collection, the organizing principle (in his case the methodical grouping of circles of luminous white or blue, or of stylized hill shapes of red, green and brown) strips the elements of the collection from their original meaning. The result is as elegant as it is remote, the viewer is firmly put into the position of a "passive observer" of these cool and meticulously places iamges. 

On the contrary, Suzanne Goldenberg's sculptures dare you to disturb their delicate balance. They play with your destructive impulses, even more so when you realize that they are made entirely of what is considered refuse. What protects them (and yourself) from you is what they have become: objects of art, even more beautiful in their uncanny combination of fragility and strength. Suzanne Goldenberg, like Baudelaire's Ragpicker, sorts things out and makes an intelligent selection. She collects "as a miser does treasure, rubbish..." But she does not return these found and unneeded things to the "jaws of the goddess of industry" to transform them into useful objects. Instead, she forgoes usefulness for the sake of the "useless" aesthetic pleasure of an art object. 

See The Lost, The Found, The Superfluous at Gallery Molly Krom, on view June 26 -July 27th

Gallery Molly Krom