Gallery Ilayda
Jan 5, 2015 1:31PM

Astronaut: a person in space.

Car: a vehicle running on rails as a streetcar or railroad car.

Frame: a border for enclosing a painting.

Mickey Mouse: A funny cartoon character created by Walt Disney in 1928.

Every word has a dictionary meaning and a personal meaning. The dictionary meaning gives us the general definition whereas the personal meaning gives us what that word refers to and reminds us in the persons own context. But you know what, none of this has a stable reality because both these definitions are constructed. That's where we come in. Gathered here today to overthrow all that has been constructed within this artshow.

Are you ready?


Gallery Ilayda is pleased to announce the first artshow of the new year that will take place between January 8th - February 1st.


Curated by Gülben Çapan, "Gobsmacked" is featuring the premier artists of two generations from different disciplines.


"Gobsmacked" showing works from artists Genco Gülan, Dilan Bozyel, Tuğberk Selçuk and Uğur Çakı will interpret all images coded into our brains and deconstruct the constructed. "Gobsmacked" is willing to surprise the contemporary art viewer and while surprising it will force them to question all their previous codings. 

Dilan Bozyel, with her astronaut series, sets the "space man" on the streets of Istanbul, whether on the subway, in the boat or by the Bosphorus, enabling the viewer to redefine their understanding of "space".

Tuğberk Selçuk will be showing his frame artworks which surround not a painting but a sculpture.

Uğur Çakı makes a golden touch to the contemporary idea of the "car" with his interpretation.

Genco Gülan's artworks, famous for his unique ironic twists will be undermining political, social and popular themes.

Especially Mickey Mouse, a universally accepted figure of happiness by all generations is ready to "Gobsmack" you with the "Amputee Mickey" version.


"For those who wish to walk into an art gallery only to see decorative beautiful arts, I advise you not to even care to see this show because you will be disappointed.

"Gobsmacked" is an artshow not waiting to be admired but to be understood. Artists who have created in order to help us decode and delete all that has been saved up in our memories throughout our lives, will enable up to recode everything through their eyes.

Reset your brain, delete all your childhood memories, decode all the education system has taught you, forget all your life experiences...

now you are ready to be "Gobsmacked"!


Gülben Çapan

Gallery Ilayda