The Art of Sergei Sviatchenko

His work often leaves us in a state of satisfied confusion. The intent and message behind might not be immediately clear, but his images simply click with their viewers—like dreams. Sergei Sviatchenko, stands out as an artist with unique vision.

As a provocateur, this Ukrainian-Danish artist harnesses all of the cultural tides he has experienced in 40 years of image making. His oeuvre cuts through the boundaries of traditional and contemporary visuals to merge pop culture with politics, personal memory with collective histories, and architecture with dreams.

Working with a broad range of subjects and media, Sviatchenko continues challenging and abolishing established comfort zones. From his early work as a conceptual artist and collage maker, he moved on to abstract painting as well as large-scale murals for international brands.

The current exhibition For Light and Memory presents his new eponymous series of collages as well as a range of artworks from his on-going project Less.

The show runs until March 3, 2013 at Gestalten Space, Berlin.

Everything Goes Right & Left If You Want It (Gestalten, 2012) - The first comprehensive collection of Sviatchenko’s collages and paintings

A selection of his originals and editions are available.

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