James Verbicky as seen in SVPN

Gilman Contemporary
Aug 23, 2016 11:16PM

Fantastic article written by Sophie Williams about James Verbicky's most recent exhibition at Gilman Contemporary.

From the moment we wake in the morning to when our heads hit the pillow, we are subject to the influences of media branding, advertising, and marketing: put in place to encourage us to consume, follow trends, invest in beliefs about how we should live our lives. From simple things like which cereal we choose at the grocery store, or the style of yoga pants, to the bigger influences like where we buy our houses or who we should vote for in a coming election. As individual viewers and consumers we can’t end up craving it. Media is in front of us all the time, both positively and negatively, being able to step back and view the bigger picture is often something we forget to do in our day-to-day living....

...He’s speaking with physical media.”, explains L’Anne. “Through this physical media, he is connecting us to an important conversation that opens our awareness to the influences that play throughout our lives.” ...

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Gilman Contemporary