You may be familiar with Rodney Smith. The iconic photographer is know for creating whimsical, sophisticated images with an eclectic, witty tone. Think elegant women, dapper men, artistic compositions, and quirky settings.

Gilman Contemporary
Oct 5, 2016 10:38PM

NEW YORK—At a time when time seems to be moving faster than ever, when the world feels confusing, chaotic, when vulgarity is even celebrated, and so-called art can look no different from curbside garbage, Rodney Smith continues to make, dare we say, beautiful pictures. 

His photographs tease one to question, to wonder, to feel delight in a moment captured. Even when we are overloaded with images, his photographs are unforgettable. The beauty conveyed stems from a man who cares deeply about sharing his vision with optimism, despite all the harshness of the world.

“I kind of represent a world that is possible if people act at their best. It’s a world that’s slightly beyond reach, beyond everyday experience, but it’s definitely not impossible,” he said reflecting on his work at his studio by his home in The Palisades.

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Gilman Contemporary