Gina Orlando (Circuit 12 Contemporary)
Apr 14, 2014 9:57AM


The word constellation can be defined as a pattern formed by relative proximity of stars to create a recognizable image. The relationship of one star to those around it thus creates both a way of dividing these stars from others and simultaneously connecting them. The body of work in this show operates under a similar understanding. It forms suggested relevance between objects in space based on their proximity and borrows language from outer space terminology to explore similarities from there to here.

The way any art object could operate as a satellite or have an orbit around another thing merely by being physically disconnected yet close enough to allow communication to occur between them.

Using many repeatedly used materials and forms such as cast plaster, concrete, emergency blankets, tar and wood the work here examines its relation to the things around it through a constellation logic.

There is a new sense applied to nonsense in turn. Casts, pours, reflections, impressions and constructions form a unique environment whose relevance can be seen differently from angle to angle, person to person.

ABOUT THE ARTIST:Alexander DiJulio is a sculpture and installation artist from Philadelphia. Primarily drawing inspiration from his immediate surroundings, he collects, gathers and analyzes the found object and presents it in a new setting. Items such as apples, wood, bread, milk and live animals frequently appear in his work. Facilitating casts of these re-appropriated items or altering them superficially in juxtaposition to the original, the artist examines the notion of signs. DiJulio graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore city and has shown in numerous settings from museum to gallery to the public sphere. He currently lives and works in Dallas, Texas.

Alex is currently interested in the style of “industrial pop”

For more information of to preview any of the works please contact the gallery at 214-760-1212 or [email protected]

Gina Orlando (Circuit 12 Contemporary)