COLIN FRASER "Looking Towards Light" New Paintings

Mira Godard Gallery
Apr 17, 2014 6:20PM

MAY 3 - 31, 2014




On Saturday, May 3rd, Mira Godard Gallery is pleased to open an exhibition of new paintings by COLIN FRASER. 

“There is an excitement about trying to paint something that is continually changing, and the knowledge that you can never keep up in your pursuit of it. I want to show everything I can. All the detail, all the tone, every hue, every colour. The mood or feeling it generates is the thing; it’s there, obvious for a moment but disappearing like a face seen momentarily in a crowd. The remembering of it somehow enhances the mystery, forcing you to reach within yourself for the unobtainable answers.”    COLIN FRASER, 2014

COLIN FRASER was born in Glasgow in 1956, studied art in Brighton, and currently lives and works in Sweden. He has worked in the technically demanding medium of egg tempera for over thirty years, evolving a distinctive and recognizable style. He has exhibited internationally in London, New York, and Glasgow. His work is found in numerous private and corporate collections throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Mira Godard Gallery represents COLIN FRASER exclusively in Canada.

To arrange an interview with the artist, or for more information, please contact the gallery at (416)-964-8197, via email: [email protected] or visit:

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