Forbidden Beauty

Golnaz Shahmirzadi
Jul 23, 2013 11:35PM

“Forbidden Beauty” -- a story of struggle since the known history of mankind. A struggle to 

disrupt the “assumed normalcies” designed by various societies and structured religions over 

the course of time to create gender inequality. 

I was very close to the women that migrated from Afghanistan in search of a better life in Iran. 

But unfortunately the environment and the lifestyle that was offered to them were very similar 

to that of Afghanistan.  Even a stricter form of burka/hijab was prescribed for the women in 

Afghanistan where their veil only had a knitted net which enabled them to see their way outside 

and not suffocate.

Not being able to express one self and being covered with layers of dictated responsibilities, 

deceptions, lies, rigid consequences and an assumed way of living destroys individuality, 

personality and blocks the way of progress in any society.

This concept is an effort to disrupt both conservative and liberal beliefs.

“Beauty must be forbidden, tamed and shunned?” To my understanding it is insuppressible.

Golnaz Shahmirzadi