Grey Area
May 10, 2013 9:45PM

GREY AREA is excited to be participating in the inaugural year of the Collective Design Fair taking place at New York's Pier 57. We took the opportunity to showcase the "design" pieces of various artists, selecting works that investigate traditional design motifs, materials and forms by incorporating, undermining or reinterpreting them. Re-envisioning the traditional booth experience, we divided the space into two immersive environments, one by Scott Campbell and the other by Peter Dayton, and a the third space showcasing exciting new pieces by Snarkitecture, furniture by Phillip Estlund and Misha Kahn, and a selection of new or recent object and jewelry pieces by various artists and designers. Michael Genovese's nickel plated cracks will fracture one exterior wall, while Julia Chiang's clay chains will rope off another wall.

Some of our other featured works:

Phillip Estlund on his Bloom Chair

"These chairs were realized, rather fortuitously, while working on a series of collages in my West Palm Beach studio. I often work with imagery from field guides and books containing detailed images from nature. As I was organizing cut out images of flowers I laid them out on several surfaces, including on the seat of my Herman Miller, Eames molded fiberglass chair. The otherwise stark surface became immediately activated in a way that I hadn't considered and after arranging and adhering the flowers to the seat the result was the Bloom Chair." 

Ray Geary's Red Rose

Roses have always been a symbol of beauty and love. While black roses traditionally represent death, they truly represent the beauty of death. Filling the rose with color evokes a celebration of life in the face of death. Cast in resin its inevitable demise is delayed.


We are also excited to announce the launch of two brand new pieces by Snarkitecture; their ping pong table, Slice, and their display case, Trunk.

Slice appears as a deceptively opaque landscape when viewed from its shorter ends and impossibly thin from its longer sides. While designed for indoor and outdoor table tennis, Slice can also be used as a conference or dining table.

Trunk was designed in collaboration with Creative Director Kyle DeWoody to function as GREY AREA's traveling shop. From its exterior the proportions and detailing recall a vintage steamer trunk transformed entirely into solid white oak. When opened, the trunk's interior reveals a series of shelves and drawers embedded within a glacial landscape. A remarkable piece of design in its own right, the trunk serves as a sleek yet stand out platform to display special jewelry and treasured objects, adaptable to any home, store, or, in this case, fair.

Grey Area