Andrew Collins: Artist Statement

Jul 25, 2014 4:54PM

My work is manifest in the form of material and process experimentation. Encompassing painting, drawing, sculpture, and installation, the thematically broad work takes cues from geology, time, passage, cosmology, art, history, and death. The concern is with the creation of a visual language that becomes experiential, tangible, through its physicality part of our world.

The studio acts as the platform for this creation. It becomes a work in itself, a landscape where the debris collects, creating the silt that builds up and up to form the landmasses. The works emerge from these meditations on materiality. The control of chance, force, and accident in this accumulation of stuff forms the impetus, delineating the process and shaping the work. Each piece is a fragment, part of a whole not yet created.  

The ongoing bodies of work search for ideals rooted in the nature of visual experience. They search for their relationship to each other. They search for their relationship to the outside world. Sparse, physically present, slick yet primitive, these works depict the void and the human experience of it.

––Andrew Collins