Felix Eckardt paints URBAN VIBES

Gudberg Nerger
Feb 27, 2018 8:40AM

Felix Eckardt: A single moment that remains, 2016, 165 x 00 cm, oil on canvas.

How does the modern city feel like? How can the vibrant life, the urban energies, dynamics, vibes get transformed into an image? Felix Eckardts paintings offer the viewer to plunge into urban landscapes that are more emotion than situation. Shimmering lights and shiny colours dissolve the paintings in dancing dots of colour. They are evocative of a nightly cab ride in one of the metropolis in this world, New York, London, Berlin or Hamburg. Rarely are we aware of which city the artist is telling. At least this is barely important – in focus stands the city as a type, the images present a commonplace that gets special. Because it’s the tiny fugitive moments, that have a beauty, we mostly don’t see in the hectic everyday live. Felix Eckardt transforms these little treasures he explores on his strolls into images, fixes them for us on canvas – Urban Vibes that tell stories of coming and going. Baudelaire would have had his pleasure with these paintings, that replace the dandyish flâneur of the nineteenth century by the global world traveller of the 21st century.

Felix Eckardt by himself is kind of modern flâneur - His painting took him on studies to London, the U.S. Westcoast and New York, where he walked around for hours to get to know the special feeling of each city. Some of this strolls he archived on maps, highliting the areas he explored, always looking for the special in the banal.

Felix Eckard: Tribe, 2014 190 x 230 cm, oil on canvas.

In his single exhibiton at GUDBERG NERGER GALLERY, Felix Eckardt brings together urban landscapes he painted the last years. Beringing them together in one exhibition creates an impressive atmosphere - urbanity becomes kind of an emotion, is quite noticeable and we us the viewers nearly feel like beeing on a stroll by ourselves while visiting the exhibition.

Anne Simone Krüger

FELIX ECKARDT – URBAN VIBES is on display at GUDBERG NERGER GALLERY from March 2nd till April 1st, 2018.

Gudberg Nerger