What the eye sees

Sep 15, 2017 12:17PM

Guilded features a video showing the reflective qualities of the Iris mirror in Ionian blue designed and made by artist Tom Palmer.

Iris is a huge lens cast in translucent, cerulean blue tinted resin, layered over a hand silvered panel and set within a patinated steel frame. This creates a unique optical effect, magnifying and manipulating the reflection though the coloured lens, generating a layered triple reflection.

The effect of the mirror is as looking into an eye, while seeing one's own reflection or that of the space behind

Tom Palmer ( b: 1986 ) works with traditions of craftsmanship and material experimentation, fused with contemporary design, to create work spanning the spectrum of fine and decorative arts. His work includes, mirrors, furniture, objects, wall panels and screens and he is represented by Guilded Ltd.

Pieces explore experimentations in materials and processes applied to a continued fascination with natural systems, phenomena and the ephemeral. These he attempts to capture in materials which are often profoundly unnatural and industrial in nature. He combines these elements under conditions that force them to react with one another, in order to generate often unexpected and uncontrived results; a practice that is always on the very edge of success or failure.

The Iris mirror is made to order with a variety of size options, each iteration unique due to the liquid processes involved. Please enquire with Guilded for prices and lead time.

120cm Iris Mirror. Image thanks to Caroline Breteau and photographer Oda Eide

Iris Mirror