Andrea Hasler's Work Unveiled at Verbier 3-D Sculpture Park

Michelle Schultz
Jul 30, 2014 7:21PM

Two monumental, site-specific sculptures by Andrea Hasler have been unveiled in MUTATIONS: Contemporary Sculpture in Context at the Verbier 3-D Sculpture Park. 

Developed as part of the 2014 3-D Foundation Artist Residency, Hasler has created two sculptures that touch on the seclusion, exclusivity and hybridity of the Swiss mountain town of Verbier. Avant/Aprés features a red carpet installed within in the mountain landscape with an intestine-like rope made of resin and wax. Perishable Goods is a pallet of compressed flesh adorned with luxury chains that gives the impression of being crudely dropped off in the Sculpture Park.

Hasler also developed a video installation during the residency, titled Avant/Aprés, that will be released later this year. 

The work will be on view at the Verbier 3-D Sculpture Park until July 2016.  

Michelle Schultz