Abstract painter

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Jun 24, 2014 8:04PM

His name is Philippe Halaburda and he's 42 years old. He now currently lives near Aix-en-provence in France. His art can be found in art dealer's collections and art galleries.

"As contemporary artist, I paint on many different supports developing my personal style using acrylic paints, as well as textures and other mediums. When I begin a new painting, I never know what will be my creative composition. I discover it along the way and I put myself in danger, out of balance, for keeping my mind opened: I always start by painting several canvases simultaneously for further accentuate this state. This is what I call «series». I have always worked like this. They define himself by the dominant colors, more or less the distribution of space charge, the first brush stroke, sometimes the choice of words and especially the support chosen. The brush stroke is unexpected, strong, ripped, working in different ways and with different materials. I use simple techniques where improvisation and confusion are for me very logical. "

Philippe Halaburda
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