Forward, Backward, and Forward, again.

Hallie Brennan
Oct 20, 2014 3:02AM

A typical image comes to mind when the name Robert Rauschenberg is mentioned: color, combines, pop-culture, prints, and real life objects appropriated into artistic expression.  Rauschenberg has gifted the world an eclectic collection of powerful and colorful artworks. 

With our visual senses aroused comes the early works of black and white photographic prints and discrete hues of oil paint that preceded Rauschenberg’s mainstream career.  Let’s rewind to Rauschenberg’s influential Black Mountain College, alongside the beginning works of his career, to admire his influential subtlety that would launch his mainstream career and lead to decades of inspiration.

Does the subtle development of our own lives unravel in a similar and dauntless manner?  Are we perfectly subtle in our beginning endeavors only to emerge into brilliant, colorfully layered art works in and of ourselves?  May we reflect upon ourselves, or gaze into our future, in viewing the history of works from this renowned artist, Robert Rauschenberg.

Hallie Brennan