The art to transform us and to the world.

Han Je Ri
Oct 14, 2014 6:33AM

The modern world is in constant movement of technological chances to improve the way we live the reality avoiding the contact with ourselves and everything around us.

This is a world where the human touch is becoming more and more atypical, the people need for sensations to let them come back to their humanity again.

The art could bring us back to the real world through the beauty within, the beauty inside of the most likely uncertainly and allow us to let us in into a sensitive universe that create the enter to parallel universes.

A wonderland away of reality, but still a place to feel empathy for the people around us, where emotions become human again, where the art change everything and everyone and let the chances become real, taking us into a constant movement that let us be closest to ourselves and the rest of the people.

This is the art to transform us and to the world.

Han Je Ri