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Jul 16, 2019 11:05AM

Hang-Up has been exclusively publishing limited edition prints since 2008. Including collaborations with established names such as Tim Fishlock, The Connor Brothers, Mark Powell and Darryl DMC McDaniels.

Since the first Hang-Up Edition in 2008, the gallery has built quite the portfolio, which includes names such as Tim Fishlock, The Connor Brothers, Mark Powell and Darryl DMC McDaniels , from hip-hop royalty Run-DMC. Working closely with their artists to produce unique, affordable and investable artworks, the gallery is now delighted to release a full catalogue of their editions, which includes the latest print release by Tim Fishlock. With the release of this fantastic new body of work, we thought we'd look back at some of the exclusive collaborations since Hang-Up Editions' early days.

The Connor Brothers, 'Normal Is the Cruelest of Insults', 2018

What Makes Hang-Up Editions Special?

Hang-Up Editions are usually small runs of 35 prints or less, which makes them highly collectable. The Gallery always ensures each edition is printed to the highest quality by partnering with the best printers, usually screen-print guru Diego Mena, and the master printers of Jealous Gallery.

All editions are stamped with the HU embossed stamp and come with a COA from Hang-Up, ensuring their authenticity. There is a great spirit of collaboration created through the joint efforts of artists, printers and team from which the final works benefit greatly.

Tim Fishlock signing his newest limited editions at Hang-Up ahead of INTROVERSION IMMERSION

Hang-Up Editions have proven to be very popular; many of the Gallery commercial clients favour their editions, which are gracing the walls of some exciting projects and spaces around the UK.

Hang-Up collector Stuart Hyman from Canada gives a quote after receiving two of the Hang-Up Edition pieces, Bronze '99 Problems' by Tim Fishlock and 'Normal Is the Cruelest of Insults' by The Connor Brothers:

"Tremendous thanks to Hang-Up Gallery. I absolutely LOVE the artwork that I purchased from this incredible Gallery. Wonderful, knowledgeable staff that care about their customers, Hang-Up offers a wide array of amazing authentic art from terrific highly sought after artists such as Harland Miller, Banksy, The Connor Bros, Tim Fishlock etc… Two thumbs up! Professional service from start to finish!"

A Look Back...


Hang-Up has collaborated many times with Tim Fishlock, most recently on a series of limited editions for his second solo show with the Gallery, INTROVERSION IMMERSION.

The artist has created a new body of work for the show which includes six brand new limited edition prints in his distinctive bold, succint style. Each of the new Hang-Up Editions are from a limited run of just 15 prints from the artist's celebrated ATTN SPN series. The collection aptly addresses our uneasy relationship to social media and technology through punchy, text-based works. Two of the limited editions have already sold-out with the rest looking to be following the same direction.

Tim Fishlock
Hang-Up Gallery
Tim Fishlock
Hang-Up Gallery

Tim Fishlock, ATTN/SPN limited editions, Installation view, INTROVERSION IMMERSION, 2019

Last Summer Hang-Up has also released the deluxe and sought-after bronze edition of Tim Fishlock's 99 Problems. Hang-Up was lucky enough to get a behind-the-scenes view of the fascinating process behind the decadent sculptures.

Tim Fishlock, 99 Problems Deluxe Edition. Blue Velvet, Emerald Ganache, Créme de Platine, Intergalactic Sapphire, 2018

The complex process involved wax moulds, firing, casting, welding and much more. All the hard work of the excellent team at AB Foundry lead to the above results, which almost sold-out within hours of their release.

Hang-Up's Director, Ben speaks about his visit:

"Owner of the foundry Jerry [Hughes], kindly gave Carla and I a guided tour around and it's a truly amazing place. We were lucky enough to witness a number of the processes that went into creating the 99 Problems sculptures including the bronze being melted. The temperature gets up to something like 1200 degrees!"

AB Fine Art Foundry specialises in creating metal works for artists of the likes of Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk, Anish Kapoor, Henry Moore, Jake and Dinos Chapman.

Hang-Up exclusive releases with Tim Fishlock don't end here. ME 017 was also released in collaboration with the gallery for the artist's first solo show Repeat After Me. The print was part of the Me Editions, which all contributed 10% of their sales to Médecins Sans Frontières.

For Me 017 the gallery has teamed up with a frequent collaborator, Diego Mena at Multiple Editions. Diego is a true expert in the field and working with him is a guarantee of success.

The Connor Brothers

Last year Hang-Up Gallery has teamed up with The Connor Brothers to publish two of their prints. Needless to say they were both a huge success and sold out within a few minutes from release. In the words of The Connor Brothers' Mike Snelle:

"Publishing with Hang-Up has been a pleasure, and is a great way to reach new audiences with accessible works."

Darryl DMC McDaniels

One Hang-Up print release event deserves special mention; the time East London's Hang-Up Gallery were appointed the official Gallery Partner to host the UK launch of The Art of DMC by Run-DMC's Darryl McDaniels. Along with the official launch of The Art of DMC show, Hang-Up also released My Adidas! a limited edition of 85 prints by the artist-mc, adorned with gold leaf. The limited edition just like the event was a great success.

Darryl McDaniels DMC
My Adidas!, 2017
Hang-Up Gallery

Darryl McDaniels DMC, My Adidas!, detail, 2017, Hang-Up Gallery

Mark Powell

During Hang-Ten, a ten week festival of arts and entertainment celebrating the Gallery's tenth anniversay, Hang-Up also collaborated with Mark Powell for a special limited edition of his print To the Soul.

Mark Powell
Around The World, 2016
Hang-Up Gallery

This wasn't the first collaboration bewteen the artist and Hang-Up. The brilliantly talented Mark Powell also created two exclusive works in 2016, for his incredible solo show at Hang-Up, Anthropology. Both prints officially released on the opening night. Around The World is hand finished by Mark with his signature Bic Biro element, making them a unique edition of 13, and Top of the World, a digital inkjet print of 35.


For Adrift, David de la Mano's solo show in 2017 Hang-Up released his prints Border Events, with 10% of each sale going to Refugee Community Kitchen. This print once again saw the gallery working with printersDiego Mena who did a fantastic job of capturing the characteristic delicate and transient quality of de la Mano's work. Each print was also hand finished by the de la Mano himself.

David de la Mano signing his Border Events edition

Border Events was Hang-Up's second collaboration with de la Mano, as they also released his print El Hoyo back in 2015.

David de la Mano
El Hoyo, 2015
Hang-Up Gallery


2016 saw the exclusive release of Warrior Boy in collaboration with Johnathan Reiner for his first solo show at Hang-Up, and in London, Femme Fetale. The beautiful piece is embellished with glitter and was the only male figure amongst the many female figures portrayed in the show.

Johnathan Reiner on how special this edition was:

"When Hang-Up came up with the idea of producing an exclusive limited edition I knew I wanted to create something fresh and fierce. My solution wasWarrior Boy, a move away from the female figure portraying a boy on the verge of manhood carrying a glitter red heart and a creative mind of a child yet ready to face what life has coming his way with bravery, dedication and compassion. Maybe it was my vision of how I felt towards the first solo show. I still draw courage when facing him eye to eye."

Johnathan Reiner
Warrior Boy , 2016
Hang-Up Gallery

It has been an exciting and rewarding 11 years of publishing for Hang-Up, and we can't wait to see what else is in store for the future.

Hang-Up Gallery