Video | Li Hou, His World of Art

Hann Art Agency
Jan 5, 2019 10:40AM

Li Hou’s work is a study in semiotics. His ink paintings are composed according to contemporary styles. He dithers his lines and carefully stages ink splatters, and these pseudo-random patterns build up a complex texture for the paintings. His style—induces a moving sense of scholarly elegance—is a fine example for contemporary expressionism.

He uses the traditional style of ink painting as foundation and incorporates the artistic style of western paintings and the cultural values of modernity. The emphasis on the conceptual in abstract paintings is seconded through the compositions and color schemes in his works. These effects combine to represent the experiences of modern men.

The synergy of traditionalism in ink painting and his passionate self-expression Resonates within his works as a force of vitality and exploration. The spirit of his works metonymically represents the unity of self and tradition.

In his works, we see inklings of the ocean, mists, the far away, and little birds; the natural combinations of textures and lines; Blocks of ink of varying size and values; the simultaneously contrasting and harmonizing composition of simplistic and complex areas.

These multilayered works are a paean to the unity of self and man and nature, and these sentiments touch the souls of the audience. Li Hou has always kept the clear heart of a child and his works echo the quality of his soul. I regard his paintings like turning tunes that praise the world and its creation with utmost sincerity and retrospection.

Curator / Metra Lin

Hann Art Agency