Objects of Adoration

Heather James Fine Art
Feb 9, 2016 8:23PM

Welcome to Editor’s Choice, a monthly segment in which Heather James employees curate an online exhibition of their favorite artworks in the gallery. For February, our sales manager Montana has chosen her favorite ‘Objects of Adoration’ in celebration of Valentines Day! 

Art making has long been an outlet for the expression of human intimacy & admiration. The paintings and objects in this exhibition reflect the range of emotions surrounding someone in love. Picasso’s representations of women in ceramics were inspired by his love of Jacqueline, the artist’s muse whom he met in the pottery studios of Madoura Spain. Mary Cassatt became known for her ability to involve the viewer in intimate scenes of women, as exemplified by our lovely portrait of Clarissa.

Lust, often a precursor to love, is represented by sex symbols like Marilyn Monroe and David Mach’s energetic monumental nudes. Flowers, the color red and an iconic chapel act as symbols of passion and partnership. Monogamy among members of the animal kingdom such as the cranes illustrate loyal unions throughout nature.

I enjoy how Heather James Fine Art exhibits unusual couplings of art. I have fun playing around with different genres in a single show, and especially one about the many dimensions of love. I am passionate about Art History, and I like the idea of showing a theme as eternal as the art in which it is displayed. -Montana

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Heather James Fine Art