Jennifer West’s One Mile Film

High Line Art
Nov 14, 2012 8:24PM

On September 13, 2012 High Line visitors had a unique opportunity to participate in the creation of Jennifer West’s One Mile Parkour Film by altering her lengthy filmstrip, which consisted of images filmed by West in June of locations on and around the High Line. The simple act of walking or running along the strip was the most common interaction, but the most popular was physical manipulation by coloring, drawing, or writing. The use of markers, sharpies, and pens transformed each frame into a private diary where participants could freely express their individuality. While some people blacked out whole images, others left eloquent phrases for contemplation. 

The list of text following this post illustrates the diversity of visitors while illuminating the contemporary psyche of an audience that is local, national, and international. Hopes, dreams, and fears of a world in flux are represented through political views, art thoughts, individual proclamations, friendly shout outs, commemorative phrases, brand advertising, buzz words, and nonsensical phrases. Many of these musings will be indecipherable during playback, but their importance will not be lost. Combined they are a collective voice of a singular moment in time.

This three minute clip is a portion of West’s final product. Known for using unusual materials to alter her film, the collaborative nature of her HIGH LINE PERFORMANCE represents a different approach for West. She creates beauty in collective chaos while demonstrating the malleability of a singular medium.

-High Line Art

This way to the end This film has not yet been rated! - Leo and my buddy Chris, 9/13/12 Fear no fullness Vote Obama Just Kids Damn those jeans Everything happens for a reason One day in New York remembering Leave a mark Sex Are we aliens? Obama 2012!! The lion sleeps tonight Your troops Mommy Freed MoodBroom This is NOT a film!!!!! Live Laugh Love Tomorrow Earth without ART is eh Fuck Thank you we’ll be back soon Free Domx Teens rule the world The people of the world unite Latina Love matters Peace MMMMMMMMMMMMMM Bean Longing I was here The beginning NY state of mind Las Medina good luck with this film ???????????????????????????????? Good vibrations Te amo Mi amor Careful Your base is under assault Seize the car Leave a mark Be a leader inspire Strong on an island positive vibrations Almost to the end Thought I was done? no. haha. Love the one you’re with thank you Jennifer Now your parkour I heart New York MBA Vertical the biggest adventure Life is what you make it Desi loves Monchichi forever NYC feeds Happy Smile You Wont Trust #hashtag Greetings from Plymouth, UK Tell your boys NY 12 0 8106 Bulgaria TUR Perfect Dan Fish Sarah Ren Heart Love Peace Hello The American Way??? Dia Drain the world Banal I come from the land down under to write this goodbye Ashton, Carry, Raren, Leandra, I love you all Dreams come true - Kaitlyn Lotta for President Drench NY Higgs Boson Penal MLP 9/13/12 Chris Ambrose was here How now brown cow Justice Shroom Blood Drench Its my birthday! Smoothies rule Miami Fab 5 9-13-12 God bless America! Jake D wuz here Mohn Bishchop from Holland Sandy Page Heart Ron Page Man made World peace I Heart LA June Jemma Vickers cut here Midwives care for women Burger X King of Long beach Bill IFUR Great work Jennifer - Carter Rock dog! Sally Milkshake X was here Groovy Hi Helga! I am Gramps Madonna sty Amor #create leaders #Hustle Holla Flow #Columbus Shit Love Lucy Earl Hars Tordato Grief loves her husband America Pussy Riot Hey people Viva Raf! One People GE- Invention works, changing lives Elemental Peace the hardest to achieve Oregon Coastal greetings This is one little mark in the end, isn’t it? Trying to live my life the best I can Dominican Republic Bangladesh Miami Fab 5 Be a leader I heart Jose Luis Sex Fuck Love Play the game - don’t let the game play you Obama the dude Die hipster yuppie scum! GOWZILLA Yeah! One heart One love Lets get together and feel allright Present (repeated) Marantha Here Argentina Futa oka Peace and gelato! Hurricane Hermicane Hermine Cane Been children Visiting from Napier, New Zealand We were all here Robert Rowley Hold fast to dreams Today is my birthday Go for it and keep going………… Heart High Line Art Love Jwest God bless our troops Goodbye Rob Charley Lownpes loves this Matt Bella 9-13-2012 Patricia + Pirosk Rocks Smile its contagious Live laugh love tomorrow Candace from San Francisco Happy Birthday Mom 9/13/12 Austin Texas Burton Snowboarding Thank you - we’ll be back soon Life is what you make it Te amo mi amor Aidan rules and is the king of the world The biggest adventure Latina I was here Love I love you not C’est la ville plus fantastique! Brandon Tirado Martos Brussels MUP Marcielle was here Robert Valentine was here Yo awesome man Caroline Cougar Live Love Breathe Hapiness MMMMMMMMMMMMM Penal Code Army Revolution Jeremy was here Camille X Good luck - Mary Terri - keep going! LA Raps Architecture I heart Kelli JLA 2249 Seoyon Yang 242 9-13 Sophia loves High Line 9-13-12 Janie + Kat Andy Natalia 9-13-12 Vital (repeated) Why war? War Sux! EHA was here! Love is all you need HERE XXXXXXXX Heart Good time in New York Aura Nice night for a walk We will be back I love you Darelly Figue Tommy Gunz Coco + Syn Ian Occupy this film Mew Tone Schwartz Norway Go! Turning 25 in NYC! I love Tom Lamaza Heart compassion Things we should have left on the beach Fuck! A fabulously creative idea Penis Sweet dude $ doesn’t hurt Where does this end? Piles of letters I give you this Hawaii This is a nice example of community art Beach bum Help them see the impact of your work Sabrina Heart NYC Who’s your sponsor? Hello NYC Our first date Haiti (repeated) You too me too 99% Great to contribute to art

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