Meet Our Artists: David Yarrow

Holden Luntz Gallery
Jun 2, 2020 7:16PM

At Holden Luntz Gallery, we value the relationships we have fostered with our clients, artists, and friends. Our love for photography has created a community in South Florida and beyond that thrives on the enthusiasm for fine art photography. The community we have built over the past 20 years has become as vital to us as the pictures we hang in the gallery.
This is a time that requires all of us to stay close to our loved ones and to remain updated on how to keep our community safe. We wish everybody the best during these challenging times and hope everybody is doing well and staying safe. We are all available to help in any way we can. Following safety guidelines, we are presently open by appointment only.
As part of our continuing efforts to be a source of knowledge for all content related to photography as well as to share something enriching , we are launching an online program introducing artists that have a close relationship with the gallery and who we consider to be a part of our extended Holden Luntz Gallery family. In place of our Saturday Morning Coffee & Conversation series, where we invite you into our gallery, we want to extend an invitation to join us on our new virtual series, “Meet our Artists.” This email series aims to introduce you to new photographers and learn more about other photographers you might already enjoy. We hope that by having access to this content, we can provide enjoyable information about these artists as well as creating a space to escape into the life of iconic photographers and take a respite from our present reality.


“Sometimes, the hardest places to photograph well are the most spectacular places.” Journey through the scenic expanse of the South Georgia landscape with internationally acclaimed fine art photographer David Yarrow. Yarrow’s narration guides us through the creative process of shooting at one of the most challenging sites on the planet; his trademark relentless pursuit for the perfect shot takes us to St. Andrew’s Bay in the South Georgia islands. In this remarkable landscape, the photographer gains extremely rare access to South Georgia’s beaches and gets the viewer closer to what Discovery Channel refers to as the Antarctic “City” of King Penguins. “I had a clear preconception of what was necessary to take a powerful image in South Georgia. My overriding goal was to capture a sense of depth and a sense of scale. South Georgia is raw and dramatic with many fiercely steep mountains towering above the wildlife, and to exclude them from an image would risk telling only half the story.” As one of the most sought-after photographers in the world, we get a taste of the behind the scenes action required to get the “perfect” single shot. Author of three photography books detailing the expansiveness of his work, Nowhere (2007), Encounter (2013), and David Yarrow Photography: Americas Africa Antarctica Arctic Asia Europe (2019), British photographer David Yarrow kneels into the icy waters of the South Atlantic ocean and provides detailed insight into the conceptual and aesthetic rigor of his working process. In his legendary images captured over the span of two decades, Yarrow’s immersive portrayal of wildlife sheds light on the magnificence of the earth’s natural beauty, as well as providing ways to help in preserving them. “All that matters is whether the final print stacks up. Whether it’s strong enough to elicit an emotional reaction.”

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