AC Institute Opening Night: Babs Reingold and Jade Walsh! September 12!

AC Institute
Aug 22, 2013 7:47PM
This event is free and open to the public.
Babs Reingold: Luna Window Luna Window, comprised of four organza-stained and hair-stuffed ladders poking from decaying windows and doors, chronicles Reingold’s continuing exploration into poverty, including a stay in public housing. The installation is one in a series of exhibits that expose the irony of fantasy descending into a wretched reality. It is a narrative of broken homes, broken dreams and the despair of a prison, where trapped by fear, occupants press against the window unable to escape, peering at a society isolated from them. Reingold fabricates her soft sculpture-like ladders in a laborious process. The shells are stained silk organza, which are stuffed with human hair and then sewn into the ladder shapes. The use of hair in Luna Window exemplifies a human condition that exists even throughout the most pressing situations.
Jade Walsh: Pretty Funny Alone

Pretty Funny Alone is an exhibition of lively video, installation and performance exploring material, psychology and metaphors of heartache & courtship. It comprises a video work Pretty Funny Alone capturing the artist in her studio over time; an installation that forms a ‘Mixed-media Visual Diary’ featuring photos, prints, poems, comedic stories, drawings, and fabric overlays; and two performances; “Actions For No Action; Free”, a roaming performance and Drawing Speed Dating with Jade Walsh, a one night event.

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