Purdey Fitzherbert | Afterimage |

Hus Gallery
Jan 19, 2014 9:18PM

Hus Gallery

10 Hanover Street, London

6 December  - 25 January 2014

From 6 December, Hus Gallery is delighted to present Afterimage, the inaugural solo exhibition by British artist Purdey Fitzherbert at 10 Hanover Street. This is the artist’s second series of painted works, following Light Studies (2011), and is characterized by a traditionally Romantic vision of nature informed by a contemporary knowledge of pixels, molecules, and the refraction of light. It is Hus Gallery’s second public exhibition at their new location in London, following on from the official opening in October this year.

Fitzherbert’s paintings record the transient interactions of light, colour, and form in large, mixed-media abstract works on canvas. Afterimage is comprised of fifteen works that question the limits of visual representation. The title has been adopted from the optical illusion whereby an image remains in one’s vision after exposure to the original object has ceased. The works on show are highly detailed compositions of oil paint, metallic pigment, and spray paint. With multiple layers and reflections, these paintings both play upon and emulate the natural apparitions of sight. They confuse the separation of what may be physically present, artistically imagined, or a mere trick of the light. This effect is amplified by their display in the gallery, as the colours and shades are distorted by close proximity with each other, the lighting, and with the viewer’s position within the gallery space.

Purdey Fitzherbert (b.1987) completed her foundation studies at Wimbledon College of Art before completing a BA Degree with Honours in Fine Art at Newcastle University. Since 2011, Fitzherbert has exhibited in group shows in Monaco, Gstaad, Switzerland, and London. She will be exhibiting with Hus Gallery at SP-Arte, Sao Paulo International Art Fair and at the Dallas Art Fair in Spring 2014.

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