Seeing Sounds: Silence

Ibiayi Briggs
Sep 4, 2013 3:38PM

When the body of silence flows, its tissue stretches and breathes; as its structure calls forth a resonance, it can sound a hum. Like cells of honeycomb. Like the wind when it strokes the beach and the sand corrugates, these panels conquer space and form a body of work obeying its own laws in an equilibrium of stillness and movement. 
-from the Preface of Silent Dynamism

Karina Wisniewska was an accomplished pianist before becoming a visual artist, an experience she draws on for much of her work. She's interpreted the music of John Cage and Johann Sebastian Bach into calligraphic swoops, and ornate floral patterns, but it's the breaths between bars that inspired her monochromatic grids. 

Ibiayi Briggs