Kevin Abosch: The Commodification of Self and Art at If So, What?

If So, What?
Apr 4, 2018 6:11PM

Saturday, April 28th | 4:15-5PM PDT | Palace of Fine Arts

Image courtesy of If So, What?

Conceptual artist and photographer Kevin Abosch has photographed celebrities around the world and prominent executives in Silicon Valley, including Sheryl Sandberg, #JohnnyDepp, #MalalaYosafzai, Yoko Ono, and Aung San Suu Kyi, among many others.

He will talk about The global hysteria over “Potato #345”, a photography for which he sold a token for over $1M and shed light on why and how we value things, from art to currency to human life - referring to his project 'I AM A COIN'

If So, What? is excited to present 15 keynotes and panel discussions with visionary speakers from the fields of art, design, and innovation throughout April 27 - April 29, 2018.

2018 Speakers:

Kevin Abosch: Artist, Ontologist, Futurist

Steven Aldrich: CPO, GoDaddy

Patrick Baron: CEO & Founder, Ambisafe

JD Beltran: Faculty and Director of the Center for Art + Public Life at the California College of the Arts

Drew Bennett: Founder & Director, Artist in Residence Progam, Facebook

Natalia Bertotti: Burning Man installations "Totem of Confessions" and "Photo Chapel"

Sativ Chahil: Silicon Valley Advisor, Swarovski

Eleesa Dadiani: Founder, Dadiani Fine Art

Will Decker: VP Brand & Retail, Plug & Play Tech Center

Sara Fitzmaurice: Founder & President, Fitz & Co

Steffen Ganz: Studio F.A Porsche, Porsche Design Studio

Marcelo García Casil: CEO & Founder, Maecenas

Mike Garlington: Artist, Burning Man

David Gryn: Founder & Director, Daata Editions

Anita Heriot: President, Pall Mall Advisors

Amanda Horn: Director of Communications, Nevada Museum of Art

Jess Houlgrave: COO & Co-Founder, Codex Protocol

Naut Humon: Founder & Director, Recombinant Media Labs

Ajay Kapur: Associate Dean at California Institute of Arts

Nick Lych: Founder & Director, Lynchini

Dr. Roman Kraussl: Professor for Art-Finance, Luxembourg Unviersity and Hoover Institution at Stanford University

Scott Minneman: Associate Professor at California Collge of Arts and Affiliate researcher, Institute of the Future

Jacob Pabst: CEO, Artnet

Olivier Pechoi: VP Americas, Saint Louis & Puiforcat

Jennifer Raiser: Author and Treasurer, Burnign Man Project and 'Art of Fire'

Maya Razon: Executive Development, Google

Lawrence Rinder: Director, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Susan Sayre Batton: Oshman Executive Director, San Jose Museum of Art

Carrie Scott: Founder & President, Carrie Scott & Partners

Meredith Tromble: Associate Professor, San Francisco Art Institute

Julie Wainwright: Founder & CEO, The RealReal

Danielle Wohl: Founder, Danielle Wohl Art Advisory

Dr. Jay Xu: Director & CEO, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

If So, What?