Derrick Adams' IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair Online Picks

Jun 4, 2020 4:03PM

Derrick Adams, Self Portrait on Float, 2019. Woodblock, gold leaf, collage. Tandem Press.

IFPDA Executive Director Jenny Gibbs had the chance to catch up with Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Derrick Adams over the holiday weekend, shown here in a self portrait published by Tandem Press from his “Floater” series.

Gibbs challenged Adams to pick just five works from the 125 virtual booths in the IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair Online. “It was definitely a challenge picking only five works at the IFPDA Print Fair, but these stood out to me for their combination of figuration and abstraction.”

It became an unexpectedly costly online expedition for Adams, who said, “I had such a great time visiting online I ended up purchasing three amazing works, only one of which is on this list. Until next time!"

Chitra Ganesh
Prophecy, 2019
Durham Press, Inc.
Jacob Hashimoto
The Necessary Invention of the Mind, VI, 2020
Durham Press, Inc.
Troy Michie
Doubling, 2019
Brand X Editions