Frank de Biasi's IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair Online Picks

Oct 12, 2020 7:41PM

"....why not a couple of strong portraits of women, perfect for 2020!"

IFPDA Executive Director Jenny Gibbs reached out to AD100 interior designer Frank de Biasi with an invitation to browse the booths of the IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair online. Frank responded from his home with Gene Meyer in Tangier, where they have been quarantining in style as featured in Architectural Digest (March 14, 2020).


Staring as I am at the Mediterranean from my desk, I have a similar view as Matisse had when he came here to paint in Tangier, so why not a couple of strong portraits of women, perfect for 2020!

I collect plates of all kinds and use them in my projects - this particular one spoke to me here - signed Villefranche, a place where I recall wonderful memories.

Jean Cocteau
Chèvre-Pied Buvant. Satyr Drinking., 1958
William Weston Gallery Ltd.

Why I love the Print Fair, always discovering an artist whose work I wasn’t familiar. Love this very stylized 1930ms strong movement and repetition - small in scale but throws a punch! Perfect Christmas gift if Santa is reading!

Sybil Andrews
Bringing in the Boat, 1933
Osborne Samuel

Seems to be the zeitgeist of the moment! This work os a tongue in cheek of what I’m feeling right not. It really is always something and I know we’ll get thru it if we can keep sane and enjoy a bit of humor at the same time!

Mel Bochner
It's Always Something , 2020
Two Palms

After commissioning a client’s portrait with the artist years ago, I fell in love with his work and in capturing the beauty and individuality of his sitter. This one I thought especially intriguing and would love it in a dark moody library!

Love these beautiful vibrating blues and greens, reminds me of where I am at the moment staring out at the Mediterranean where the colors are forever slightly changing depending on the light and tides. Mesmerizing colors captured on paper by an incredible artist.

Anish Kapoor
Flow Green, 2019


Frank de Biasi began his career at Christie’s NY Auction House in 1987 where for the next six years he forged his passion for contemporary art and the history of design, appraising fine art and antiques. He then spent 12 years as Head of Interiors for the world-renowned architect, Peter Marino, based in New York and Paris and then Michael Graves, also as Head of Interiors before opening his own firm, Frank de Biasi Interiors, in 2006. Among his honors is having been the Co-Design Chair of the 2019 Winter Antiques Show, Park Avenue Armory, New York; the Architectural Digest 100; and the Elle Decor A-List.