Kiki Smith's IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair Picks

Jun 11, 2020 6:01pm
IFPDA Executive Director Jenny Gibbs reached out to artist Kiki Smith to select her favorites from the IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair. Initially, they discussed selecting a list of five. Smith found the experience of 125 online booths and more than 5,000 works called for a more expansive approach and she shared her thoughts on the process of choosing.
“I came up with many more than five. One is attracted to people and to things for very different reasons, some out of a familiarity, some out of the mystery of not knowing, and a million other reasons. Printmaking is such an incredibly large and expansive medium. How an artist holds that space is always miraculous. A print is very much the evidence of the collaboration between artists, printmakers, and publishers. I am very grateful for print dealers and the public.”