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Dec 20, 2013 4:09PM

Galeri İlayda will be hosting Caner Şengünalp’s solo sculpture exhibition named “Istanbul” between December  20th,  2013 – January 19th, 2014.

The main axis of this exhibition nests on the socio-cultural and urban process that Istanbul goes through as a result of rural exodus. The city is being fiercely re-constructed with urban transformation projects due to the growing living space and residence needs in paralel with overcrowding of the city. However, the urban restructuring and transformation process that is supposed to be  open to the democratic participation channels, is being implemented without any consideration to rejections of the inhabitants let alone purveying participation of local residents and pertinent circuits. In fact, the process routs them out by divesting them of thir own properties. 

The promise for luxirious accomodation in these high buildings, surrounded with walls and isolated lives protected by security guards weakens socials ties and traditions among people and turn them into some kind of mock-up humans. The effective authorities that play an important role in the marketing and shaping of the city, determine the life styles and habits of people as some kind of pre-packed, edited lives to sell from the scale models of their residence projects. 

The artist undertakes his work of art in this exhibition with consideration to these expressions. Scale model figures take their places on this stage as the actors of Istanbul that is considered as a big theatre stage that grows and transforms day by day.

Caner Sengunalp’s solo sculpture exhibition will express  the results of socio-cultural and communal transformation triggered by rural exodus and the situations it causes in a 3 dimensional verbalism shaped with bronze, stone and wood and will meet artlovers at Galeri Ilayda until January 19th 2014.