'Down The Rabbit Hole' Group Show at Imitate Modern

Imitate Modern
Feb 20, 2018 1:01PM

Exhibition: 1st March - 14th March 2018 | Imitate Modern, 19 Shepherd Market, London, W1J 7PJ

It's been 153 years since Alice fell down the rabbit hole and embarked on the most wonderfully bizarre adventures. For our group show at Imitate Modern, we will present a whole new plethora of trippy, vibrant and psychedelic artworks inspired by Alice's otherworldy experiences down the rabbit hole. The exhibition will feature artworks by six different artists who's intentions remain the same - to beguile and enthral the viewer to venture down their interpretation of a distorted wonderland. Featured artists include: Yeah Yeah Chloe, CB Hoyo, Shawn Kolodny, Francesco Vullo and David LaChapelle.

John Paul Fauves
Alicequiat , 2018
Imitate Modern
John Paul Fauves
Mucci, 2018
Imitate Modern

'Down The Rabbit Hole' promises to deliver an explosive mix of colour, styles and mediums, combining photography, abstract paintings, graphic illustrations, and everything in between. We present a selection of emerging and established international talents who are paving the way to a new wave of thinking with an emphasis on tongue-in-cheek humour and a playful approach to art making.

About the Artists

Yeah Yeah Chloe

Yeah Yeah Chloe is a Queensland based artist, exploring anatomy in the mundane with a growing preoccupation for legs and a dash of Ozzy humour. She lends us her rose tinted glasses so we become engrossed with her pop infused and surrealist worldview. Some of her most recent series was sparked by a rather inflammatory comment made by US President Donald Trump, claiming all he needed in life was a nice piece of 'ass'. As a result, she transmuted the rage she felt regarding these comments into a positive celebration of the variety of female form.

CB Hoyo

CB Hoyo is a Cuban-born and self-trained artist, who continually produces work that playfully questions authenticity and monetary value in an era defined by fake news and social media. Hoyo's paintings are both playful and provocative. Slogans are scrawled over familiar works by the likes of Basquiat, Rothko, Hirst and more. This humour is coupled with a prodigious and instinctive painterly skill as Hoyo pays a tongue-in-cheek homage to many of his artistic heroes.

John Paul Fauves

John Paul Fauves is a Costa Rican contemporary artist based in Belgium who's latest series 'A Loss of Innocence' in association with The Tax Collection has brought him International notoriety. Fauves' body of work is all about hedonism versus redemption; considering himself a "Neo-Pop Expressionist", Fauves questions how humanity develops with maturity, becoming increasingly  desensitised as ultimately, we grow away from our childhood innocence. He uses figures from popular culture outside the realm of Disney as vehicles for expression, to make the viewer engage with the familiar image in an unsettling and abstracted image.

Shawn Kolodny

Shawn Kolodny is an American artist who has emerged with one of the most provocative and discussed series of the year. Drawing from a life spent amongst substance, addiction and materialism, as the owner and operator of New York City’s most prominent nightclubs, he has been both the observer and the subject. For Kolodny, addiction is a pathological relationship in which things replace self. Kolodny’s work confronts the infinite cycle of fake fulfilment shaped by modern society’s addiction to ego, using the most sought-after brands and the most addictive drugs as a visual medium.

Francesco Vullo

Francesco Vullo is a Palermo born, Milan-based graphic illustrator, who’s work is strongly influences by events and contemporary culture and has many ironic nuances and messages of social criticism. All his works reveal an irreverent vision of the world and society. In his creations we can find remakes of famous paintings and surreal combinations between objects of common use and illustrations that reveal the dark side of social networks.

David LaChapelle David LaChapelle is an American photographer that has worked in the fields of fashion, advertising and fine art photography. What brought him to the top of the art world were his photos of various celebrities he made in an unusual way - vivid, erotic and brimming with life. The artist is noted for his surreal, unique and often humorous style. Perhaps his strongest feature is his exceptional talent to successfully blend a unique hyper-realistic aesthetic with profound social messages and art history references.        

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