Imitate Modern moves to 19 Shepherd Market

Imitate Modern
Dec 6, 2016 5:31PM

Imitate Modern is excited to announce our relocation to new premises at Shepherd Market, Mayfair. This unique area in the heart of London is home to some of London’s most peculiar and charming venues, whose ranks Imitate Modern is proud to join. Shepherd Market's history dates to 17th century, and the area is often described by the locals as “The Heart of Mayfair.”

In the coming year, we have prepared an exciting line up of events and exhibitions. Here are a few to give you a taster of what’s to come:

-  Release of the new book “Provocateur” by Tyler Shields, which will feature over 500 photographs by Hollywood’s favourite photographer. From setting luxury objects on fire and feeding Birkin bags to alligators to shooting celebrity starlets in provocative settings, Shields isn’t afraid to take the extra mile to push the boundaries of contemporary photography.

-  We will be exhibiting a number of new Tyler Shields’ photographs throughout next year. Followers of Tyler Shields will not be disappointed. Photographer continues to create unexpected images that provoke emotions and inspire to see everyday objects and celebrities in new light. Expect to see luxury goods on fire, cinematic shots of Hollywood elite in adventurous surroundings, and other mind-bending visions captured through the lens of the legendary photographer.

-  Solo exhibition of new paintings by Luc Waring, which will combine pop art with abstract expressionism, reviving vintage Dior commercials in a playful manner, as well as more free- spirited original pieces inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Willem De Kooning. The show will explore the role and effects that advertising has had on society over the past 50 years, and the many ways it has been integrated into every aspect of our lives.

-  London debut of LA-based artist and fashion designer Chloe Trujillo. Chloe creates her complex, layered and deeply saturated artwork with joy and spontaneity, working and living according to her motto “The Spirit You Art.” Inspired by the vast range of human experience along with a deep connection to the spiritual realm, Chloe connects with her audience with sensitivity of her spirit and sincerity of her intention. We are delighted to be introducing her fine art and accessories collection to our London audience.


Imitate Modern is an urban contemporary and photography art gallery established in Marylebone in 2011. We have been operating as a pop-up since March 2015, and are happy to have found a new home and a new beginning in Mayfair.

Imitate Modern exhibits emerging and established artists from around the world with a focus on edgy and thought-provoking works. We have been serious collectors of contemporary art for over 20 years and proudly present our varied exhibition program, which aims to inspire, excite and enthral. Our exhibitions range from internationally acclaimed solo shows to debuts of young artists on the rise, but our intention remains the same – to help our clients build interesting and enriching collections, and most of all enjoy art in the most engaging way possible.

We are looking forward to 2017 and to our new beginning in Shepherd Market, Mayfair. 

Imitate Modern