Rich Simmons is the Artist Behind Croydon's Princess Diana Mural

Imitate Modern
Aug 18, 2017 4:27PM

The mural has photographers looking up at Princess Diana.

Croydon-based street artist Rich Simmons, is the mastermind behind the new stunning mural of Princess Diana, which has recently appeared on a historic building in Croydon town centre. The painting of Diana as the Princess in the tower was completed over the weekend with stencils of the paparazzi at the door of the tower, looking up and taking photos.

Rich Simmons, who has made a name for himself through creating some breathtaking murals across Croydon, explained that the idea of doing a Princess Diana mural has been one he has had for some time.

"I walk past the tower everyday and I have had the idea of doing a princess in the top window for a year now. That idea evolved into Princess Diana locked away in the tower waiting for a new prince but the only people chasing her still are the paparazzi. Even as a ghost being trapped in the fairytale castle, she is the one being haunted by the press." - Rich Simmons

Speculation was rife online with debate about the authenticity of the work and whether it could be by the notorious Banksy. This isn't the first time Simmons has been compared or mistaken for Banksy, but the artist is focusing on his own work and laughs off the comparisons.

"It had a lot of people talking about it and debating whether or not it was a Banksy. I think it is really cool that people were considering the artwork to be a Banksy as I consider him a genius...But it is not a Banksy - it is by me." - Rich Simmons

The artist has also created a canvas version of the Princess Diana mural in order to show the details on canvas, since the piece on the tower is 12 metres high! The canvas can be purchased through our gallery via Artsy.

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