SummerEdition 2017 at Imitate Modern

Imitate Modern
Jun 15, 2017 2:31PM

It’s a busy art season for Mayfair! Imitate Modern presents a new show “Summer Edition 2017” that unites the bold colours, vibrancy and movement of the year’s hottest season under one roof in their new space in the heart of Mayfair, Shepherd Market.

Its Summer Exhibition (that featured Oliver Dunsch’s photograph “Mouthwatering” in 2016). The aim of the show is to enthral and inspire visitors to celebrate the new season with quirky and original artworks, reflective of the summer mood in their medium and subject matters.

The exhibition showcases original “fake” Vogue covers by Max Wiedemann. The pieces feature amusing headlines, such as “The Only Pain is Champagne,” “Hungry or Horny: The Secret Sex Laws,” and “Closer To God in Heels”.

The neon artworks by British artist Mark Illuminati quite literally illuminate the gallery space in a club-feel soft neon light, and celebrate Queen Elizabeth II, whose Royal Birthday coincides with the opening of the show. One of the neon pieces, “Queen in Residence,” features an original vintage flag that used to hang at the Buckingham Palace when the Queen was present in the building.

The show also features works by the art world’s “pinkest pink” provocateur Stuart Semple, as well as dance photography by Cody Choi, a professional photographer, choreographer and dancer at Cody’s Moving Group.

About the Artists:

Max Wiedemann

Max Wiedemann is an internationally recognised artist, who has exhibited in Germany, UK and the USA. He is best known for the acute social commentary within his work and high end collaborations within the fashion and art industries. Wiedemann’s artworks cover a wide variety of media including spray paint, neon lights and sculpture, often combining brands and images representative of contemporary luxury and glamour with bold and witty statements. Wiedemann cites many influences on his work: from his 10-year career in advertising, where he learnt that art is a powerful medium in communicating what is relevant in our society; to artists Basquiat and Warhol.

Mark Illuminati

Creating beautiful, seductive art from his Shepherd’s Bush studios, Mark Illuminati’s work is rooted in the birthplace of punk, drawing on the cultural vibes of West London in order to create artwork that enlightens the world.

Stuart Semple

Stuart Semple is a British artist , ho has become one of the leading exponents of a new generation of artists tackling concepts of mass and popular culture through showing works in a string of international exhibitions and Biennales. Celebrity endorsement of Semple’s work is testament to its popular and vital appeal, with his work being in the collections of Debbie Harry, Sienna Miller, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and others. In December 2016 Stuart Semple created the fluorescent pink paint pigment in order to make a statement about a fellow artist Anish Kapoor buying the exclusive rights to the “world’s blackest black” Vantablack pigment, said to be the blackest shade of black ever created. The cerise pink shade is available to all artists except Kapoor, who is legally banned from purchasing it.

Cody Choi

Cody Choi is a professional photographer and choreographer focusing on dance portraiture and theatre photography. Knowing dance practice in and out, Cody captures the flow and movements of the dancers during performance in a stillness that resonates with power and strength; in every photograph Choi aims to show the character of the dancer along with the technical aspects and uniqueness of each performance. Choi is a winning photographer for The Place (London) and held a photo exhibition commissioned by the Hong Kong Dance Alliance; he has also exhibited in a number of art fairs in London and New York: The Other Art Fair, Urban Art Fair, Parallax Art Fair and Showcase Cities.

Stuart Semple - Faith, Hope, Love, Joy (2014)

Stuart Semple - Faith, Hope, Love, Joy (2014)

Stuart Semple - Faith, Hope, Love, Joy (2014)

Stuart Semple - Faith, Hope, Love, Joy (2014)

Cody Choi - Gama #2 (2015)

Mark Illuminati - God Save The Queen (2017)

Max Wiedemann - Vogue Notting Hill (2012)

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About the Gallery

Imitate Modern is an urban contemporary art and photography gallery established in 2011. The gallery moved to Shepherd Market, Mayfair in 2016, and exhibits a line-up of emerging artists, working in a vast range of mediums. What unifies artists at Imitate Modern are the skill and the drive to produce innovative, impeccable and sometimes controversial works of art, cementing their achievements in the next generation of industry leaders. The gallery directors have been serious collectors of contemporary art for over 20 years and proudly present a varied exhibition program that aims to inspire, excite and enthral. Exhibitions range from internationally acclaimed solo shows to debuts of young artists on the rise, but gallery’s intention remains the same – to help its clients build interesting and enriching collections, and most of all enjoy art in the most engaging way possible.

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