"In Principio Erat Chaos"

Oct 1, 2019 2:15PM

Organised by INAOSSIEN ART, the exhibition "In Principio Erat Chaos", will take place in Taormina, Sicily between the 8th and 10th of May 2020 and will feature works by the artists Nicholas V.K., Sandy Rousianou & Menelaos Sykovelis.

Nicholas V. K.

Passionate about poetry & arts since his childhood Nicholas V. K. grew an even greater passion for digital arts some 25 years ago.

His digitally composed tableaux centre on a fusion of traditional imagery and sketches offering a fine balance of contemporary creativity vividly realised.

His work is found in private collections in Italy, Greece, Switzerland and the UK.

Sandy Rousianou

Sandy Rousianou was born in Athens Greece. Growing up in a creative and entrepreneurial Greek family she was always surrounded by "the love for creation".

Sandy studied the art of frescoes but since creativity was part of everyday life, she followed another route in her education, which was more business orientated, in order to learn more about the processes behind creativity while exploring at the same time the European Civilization.

She incessantly finds inspiration for her multifaceted oeuvre: Being a seeker and a collector of things as well as a passionate observer of everyday life, she always finds herself in situations, which later find their way into the most diverse series of work.

Menelaos Sykovelis

Menelaos was born in a free and unsuppressed place. Scattered with wild mountains and rapids. He grew up in an ancient castle-town, with a haunting mythical lake, where he learned to walk on stone-carved cobbled streets. A magical place where at every turn he still meets with Aggelodoukas Komninos, Slavs, Ottomans and the Norman shadow of Boimond.

He often philosophises with Greek ascetics on the legendary island, winking at Ali Pasha, smiling, and effortlessly expressing himself capturing with sparkly words and images his own stories. Thanks to them, his gaze does not meet repetition. Every turn is a new image, every moment is another scene. So his spirit awakens and sequentially creates.

And as he always says... "It's the memories of the materials, the traces they left behind that were recorded everywhere making our photographs and lives richer. It is the abundance of beautiful nature that induces ecstasy and seduces the soul. It is the people who still maintain their authenticity, their arts and their values. It's my homeland, my place. And this is how I live it, I sense it, I appreciate it and thus I photograph it."