Artist Interview | Francesco Gioacchini

Independent & Image Art Space
Jun 21, 2020 8:14AM

Independent & Image Art Space: What’syour background?

Francesco Gioacchini: I was born in Loreto, Italy, in 1985. I first studied Communication at the University of Macerata where I graduated in 2011; I attended a summer program in Life painting at the Slade School of Fine Art in London in 2014 and in 2016 I worked on “The FloatingPiers”, art installation made by Christo at Iseo Lake in Italy. In 2018 I graduated for a second time, obtaining a master’s degree in Painting with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata. Since 2015 I have been participating in several group exhibitions and art prizes. In 2018 I presented my first solo show in Macerata with the title “Francesco Gioacchini. MissingDays”, during the same year I was awarded with “Premio Marche” and my winning artwork has become part of the permanent collection of the Pinacoteca Civica in Ascoli Piceno. My work has been published and featured in various catalogues, art magazines and art websites such as Arte, Juliet art magazine,,,,,,,,, In April 2019 I have been selected for an Art residency in Berlin with a final group exhibition at Green hill gallery, since then I live and work in Berlin where I have a studio and carry on my artistic research.

We Used to Draw on the Table (Moby Dick), oil, felt tip pen, marker, pastel, pen and oil stick on canvas, 50x70cm, 2020

Independent & Image Art Space: How you were inspired to do the pieces now showing at RE-SEE?

Francesco Gioacchini: The Two Kids pieces were inspired by a fresco that I have at home in Berlin; it was kind of a beautiful surprise discovering a fresco in the wall of my bedroom. In my two works the classical figures in the background are partially covered by the spray; I was interested in creating this kind of collision. The inspiration for Bodies form art has come from Raphael's Madonna della Rosa, while the piece entitled We used to draw on the table is more connected to my personal memory and to the high school days. In this painting as well we can see scribbles,writings and notes along with drawings and reproductions of classical paintings. I like to merge and juxtapose elements which come from different times, spaces, environments.

Independent & Image Art Space: Who are some other artists you are moved by right now?

Francesco Gioacchini: It is always difficult to name other artists, there would be many names. If the question is referred to contemporary living artists I can say that I am interested in GlennLigon’s work and right now I am really fascinated and moved by Luca Bertolo’spaintings.

Bodies from art, oil on canvas, 60x50cm, 2020

Independent & Image Art Space: Do you think which current art world trends are you following?

Francesco Gioacchini: Well, I believe that an artist should not follow a trend; he can be part of an art movement instead. I understand the question and I am aware of nowadays in particular, with massive communication, social media, especially Instagram, art has never been so visible to people and so widely spread all over the world. Nevertheless, most of the time we don’t experience the artwork itself but images of artworks through a digital screen. Sometimes it is difficult to avoid this overexposure of images, and contemporary art is not “immune” to this practice. Of course it's a great opportunity for artists, in general, having this visibility but often it seems that the content ends up flattening out and conforming, and this could be a big risk. Going back to your question, to be honest I try to not to follow any trend (even though it is not easy), I rather prefer being inspired by single artists and I try to look at my real and physical surroundings instead of giving too much attention to the digital ones. I grew up in Italy and of course this has a big influence on my work; I am now living in Berlin and also this experience influences my work. I can say that I am trying to feed my art with these two worlds.

Independent & Image Art Space: Are you creating new work while social distancing?

Francesco Gioacchini: Quarantine and social distancing have been an odd time. When the situation was getting bad I decided not to go to the studio anymore, in order to avoid taking public transport and meeting people. I left the work that I had in the studio on hold and I organized myself to do small size artworks at home. Before the quarantine began in Germany I had spent a few days in Italy, where the situation was already becoming very serious, I managed to return to Berlin with one of the last available flights and I took everything I needed to work from home. So I organized myself with drawings, projects, small size canvas and I must say that it was an opportunity. I believe that artists in some way “enjoy” solitude and time to think; social distancing it’s hard for daily life but maybe it’s more acceptable for an artist and his/her work. In any case, since a few weeks luckily the situation in Berlin has improved considerably and I have started working in my studio again.

Two Kids (R Version), felt tip pen, oil and spray on canvas, 50x40cm, 2019

Two Kids (W Version) felt tip pen, oil and spray on canvas, 50x40cm, 2019

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