Artist Interview | Heikedine Günther

Independent & Image Art Space
Jun 24, 2020 4:36AM

Independent & Image Art Space: Did you always want to be an artist?

Heikedine Günther: Yes, I always wanted to be an artist, or a naturopathic doctor. Even as a child, I have always been very creative. For example, I remodeled great parts of my parents’ house when they were away for business trips. This was always the time, when I finally had free reign to let my creativity flow: I always wanted an egg-shaped room; I cut and tailored my parents’ clothes so they would fit me; I would even create and paint wine labels and stick them over the old ones.

Independent & Image Art Space: From what time did you begin your core paintings? How many pieces have you done until now?

Heikedine Günther: I have studied painting at the HFBK in Hamburg. In 2004, I did an active imagination, in the fashion of C. G. Jung’s method, to my inner potential. This was the first time, that I saw my inner core. From this day on, I started painting cores. Over the time, the paintings developed into more abstract forms, as the “core” can represent many different things. From this initial epiphany that I had a philosophy developed. Oh, I’m always surprised myself how many artworks I have. All the core paintings’ titles depict the inventory number. I’m currently at 434 oil paintings. Now on top of that, from this oil painting, there are always one or two very good monotype prints. Then there are also felt objects, sculptures, clothes etc. “You make space, where you need it.” Everything is professionally documented and photographed. So, when I look at my work catalogue, that is when I really feel the flow of time.

Core No. 265, oil on canvas, 90x110cm, 2019

Core No. 272, oil on canvas, 130x110cm, 2019

Independent & Image Art Space: You say you “try to see the “core” in and of everything”. What do you think is the “core” of your paintings?

Heikedine Günther: The core can be anything! The core is the longing for existence. The core can be a nut, a seed, your inner-self, the cosmos, a cell, and the list could go on. The core is a symbol for potential in all cultures and religions. In my core paintings I engage certain cultural and philosophical topics. For example, stones are a super interesting topic. From which mountain does this stone originate from? What was its path? How did it end up in my hands, after millions of years? Microcosm and macrocosm are great topics in my work, as well as duality and non-duality. I’m abstracting powers- powers of attraction, repelling forces and potential. Everything is a never-ending change in awareness- over and over again.

Independent & Image Art Space: What roles do you think colours and forms play in your core paintings?

Heikedine Günther: Colours are emotions, colours are vibrations. Colours and form support each other and ultimately create the painting together. I also mix my own colours, I’m addicted to colours. They are in my head and my heart. So, the mixing comes easy to me, as I can already see the finished colours in my head.

Independent & Image Art Space: Do you have any new inspirations in recent months?

Heikedine Günther: I have many new inspirations and sketches for new works of art. My topics during the pandemic are: light and darkness, duality and non-duality; connections; and platonic bodies. I will send you the brand-new portfolio to give you an idea of what I’m currently working on. My next big project is a “Livre d’artiste”. It is a big book of monotypes depicting the “Cycles of the Core”. There are many, already gold primed, canvases just waiting to lay the foundation for a new core.

Core No. 304, oil on fleece, 110x165cm, 2019

Core No. 305, oil on canvas, 165x110cm, 2019

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