Artist Interview | Riccardo Bandiera

Independent & Image Art Space
Jun 11, 2020 5:15AM

Independent & Image Art Space (following as I): How have you been doing? Are there any plans being discontinued? Or Have you got new inspiration?

Riccardo Bandiera (following as R): Both my family and I are fine, which is the most important thing. I spent the lockdown between mood ups and downs, a little general sadness for everything that happened, I read and watched TV series, I have devoted myself with greater commitment to the care of my houseplants. Unfortunately I had some exhibition and scheduled event that necessarily jumped, postponed or canceled. This part is the most painful, because you do not know when and how it will resume. I should participate at Fotofever in Paris at the end of the year and we will see if it will be done. This strange time has fortunately inspired me, the photos you have selected come from a new project born right now and that I am trying to expand, then I had some other ideas for series that I am trying to realize.

I: Have you been rethinking the value of art recently? Any changes on what you think?

R: I think that art in general does not lose any value, on the contrary it keeps it and expands its charm, because people increasingly need beautiful things, to enjoy. Collecting pieces of art is something incredible, to have something in the house that came out of someone else’s mind, in which you are reflected and you get an emotional and spiritual benefit. I want to be positive and think that art will save us.

Clorofilla 003, digital photo, 50x50 cm, 2020, ed.1/9

Clorofilla 004, digital photo, 75x50 cm, 2020, ed.1/9

I: Does art need to respond to reality? Does the reality need responses from art as well?

R: Like I said, it’s a mutual-aid report, something symbiotic. The reality in which we live now is no longer the same as before, probably the world has taken a step back, but the art always remains where we left it, it will become even more significant and important.

I: Looking back to your own experience, what made you realize your love for photography?

R: As for me having an instinctive character, photography is what most reflect myself to express my art. It happened in my life completely randomly years ago, and I was completely kidnapped by its charm. Visualizing an image in your head, organizing the set and capturing the right moment by making the imagined shot is something amazing.

I: Who are some other artists you are moved by right now?

R: I’ve always loved Guy Bordin about photography, then I like some contemporaries such as the sensational Cig Harvey and Gregory Crewdson, some things by Erwin Olaf. I love the art of Egon Schiele and I find absolutely brilliant and similar to my sensibility the work of Giuseppe Penone.

Clorofilla 005, digital photo, 50x75 cm, 2020, ed.1/9

Clorofilla 006, digital photo, 75x50 cm, 2020, ed.1/9

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