THE WORLD IS FLAT exhibition artist | Aline Mare

Independent & Image Art Space
Aug 25, 2020 2:08AM

Branching Out, painting, painted archival paper, 81x60cm, 2020

Mica Cells, painting, painted archival paper, 81x60cm, 2020

This ongoing body of work synthesizes my own history with natural cycles of the earth, married to a very human attempt to understand our world through the two lenses of science and art. We live in a cultural sphere where we are attuned to the world we have created. But that reality has been fractured during this Covid -19 suspended moment.

My body of work is an amalgam of images that are scanned, altered and recombined to create a rich layering of sources. Biological and urban objects are fused with mark making, photo sources, and digital media to generate a poetic language where systems of generation and communication are linked to form a new syntax.

Mica Seeds, painting, painted archival paper, 81x60cm, 2020

MicBlue, painting, painted archival paper, 60x91cm, 2020

My newest work uses images of natural materials: mica and minerals in the processes of transformation-- crystal structures as a natural form of glass growing in thin shimmering plates. I have also been utilizing images made available through the NASA Global Climate Change website and integrating them with scans of seeds and minerals, in order to emphasize the human induced warmings of the climate system, referring to the imminence of these dangers and the possibilities of changes ahead, as our basic forms of communication shift and are shattered.

Pink Mica, painting, painted archival paper, 60x91cm, 2020

Pupa, painting, painted archival paper, 81x60cm, 2020

Aline Mare completed undergraduate work at SUNY Buffalo’s Center for Media Studies and an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute, where she produced the film Saline’s Solution, a series of installations and performances that dealt with abortion from a feminist point of view, which garnered support and awards internationally, exhibiting at The Cinematheque in SF, The Whitney Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. She keeps expanding her work, concentrating on mixed media and installation, exploring the body and metaphors of nature and its transformative relationship to the human psyche and the state of our planet. Her work is included in several private collections in the Bay Area, New York City, China, and Los Angeles.

Independent & Image Art Space
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