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Aug 29, 2020 2:28AM

White Flag Revolution, recycled plastic, resin, silicone, 160x160cm, 2020

Child of Humanity, recycled plastic, resin, silicone, 160x160cm, 2020

Along with the proclaimed ideology of humanism, globalization leaves its mark on the quality of human life in a progressive 21st century society. Locally, the level of comfort, medicine and safety is rising, while the control and pressure of the system, the pressure of the information field, the zeroing of cultural and ethnicity, and the loss of communication between generations are increasing. Patterns of behavior, goals, roles, tastes, meanings created and actively determine our choice for us. The trend to abandon the rules, obsolete morality and foundations of the past which has been developing for the past hundred years and seems to be reaching its limit today, because destruction isn’t the same as building a new one. New generations received unlimited access to information, as well as the opportunity to choose a social role and behavior model in it, abandoning the traditions and ethics of their predecessors. However, in the absence of a unified system of values, it is impossible to talk about civil society and common goals. What are we fighting for today? Perhaps we are simply swimming with the flow of information flows that we haven't created, and not even chosen by us? Do we have common goals? Where are we going? PRANNA asks these questions through the art object REVOLUTION OF WHITE FLAGS. Promote the emergence of a new model of a progressive society - the mission of art PRANNA.

Generation 2020, recycled plastic, resin, silicone, 160x160cm, 2020

Glaciers, recycled plastic, resin, silicone, 160x160cm, 2020

PRANNA is the founder of a new style - parametric symbolography, in which through the symbols embedded in the cultural-historical code, the role of human in the digital world of accelerated information flows and the principles of the self-determination in the 21st century are explored.

“Who are we today? Where are we going?" - perhaps these simple and at the same time extremely complex questions PRANNA asks the world in which each of us literally grows together with our smartphone, and virtual reality has penetrated into every cell of our bodies. However, the artist does not oppose the "digitalization" of modern homo ludens - the "person playing", as defined by Johan Huizing. The philosopher believed that the game moves a person forward, helping to construct and adapt an everchanging world - PRANNA adheres to the same idea. The motive of the game with a new conditional (that is how virtualis is translated from Latin) field is one of the main in her work.

Venus with Angels, recycled plastic, resin, silicone, 150x150cm, 2020

Apple of Knowledge, recycled plastic, resin, silicone, 150x150cm, 2020

The artist is engaged in the creation of paintings and sculptures in the author's technique, as well as multimedia and digital installations. Her video works were presented at the Cannes Lions festival and awarded by members of the international jury. PRANNA exhibits can be seen in the exposition of the Tretyakov Gallery and other state museums, as well as in private collections around the world. Art objects made from recycled plastic are the result of an analysis of the cultural codes of the present and future.

PRANNA is an artist and visionary. At the center of her work is a man who lives in an era of globalization and informational abundance, the influence of which on consciousness isn’t still fully understood. PRANNA is attempting to do this by creating paintings and sculptures from recycled plastic. PRANNA has developed her own style in art - parametric symbolography, in which through the symbols embedded in the cultural-historical code, the role of a person inside accelerating information flows, as well as the principles of his self-determination in the 21st century, are explored.

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