THE WORLD IS FLAT exhibition artist | ZOSIA

Independent & Image Art Space
Aug 31, 2020 3:38AM

Seize Beauty, video, 20''

ZOSIA through To Uncreate Series, 2020 and Seize Beauty, 2020 aims to reconnect viewers to their natural environment by encompassing mimicked motions and processes of the natural world, onto the canvas. In a time of climatic changes and the diminishing of earths ecosystems, living more sustainably, responsibly and consciously is crucial. Through the paintings, Zosia attempts to portray natures cyclical processes’ encapsulating growth, struggle, pain, beauty, colour, darkness, the calm and the storm. In this attempt she dares the viewer to enter its labyrinth probing questions; how one takes care of their natural environment? How can you become more connected with the natural world? This activates connection, reflection and awareness about the audiences relationship with nature. If we can begin to connect to our natural environments, we can begin to take full responsibility and care for them. These paintings and installation act as an embodiment of the idea of the natural landscape and the obligatory need to respect, nurture and care for it.

No.1 To Uncreate, acrylic on canvas, 118x80cm, 2020

No.2 To Uncreate, acrylic on canvas, 118x80cm, 2020

Zofia Zoltkowski (ZOSIA) is an interdisciplinary Australian/Polish artist; researching, creating and collaborating across mediums of painting, performance, installation, sculpture and video. Her site-specific executions aim to create a synergistic relationship between viewer, performer and space. For the past four years Zosia has traveled, lived and worked globally, amongst communities and networks of people, from remote places to urban dwellers. This has fuelled her curiosity of the human condition, collectively with the act of being ‘present’, as seen in her works.

No.3 To Uncreate, acrylic on canvas, 140x90cm, 2020

No.4 To Uncreate, acrylic on canvas, 118x80cm, 2020

No.5 To Uncreate, acrylic on canvas, 118x80cm, 2020

Independent & Image Art Space