POST-COVID-19 ERA exhibition artist | Carve Stone

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Oct 13, 2020 2:43AM

Our Awakening, stone alabaster, 38x30cm, 2019

As an artist that chooses a rock and envisions a design within it, It's mentally challenging hearing of people being ill with Covid-19, and seeing the death toll climbing.

To remain clear headed enough to think creatively, I've had to limit watching and listing to the news, otherwise it can affect my creative self and ability to be productive.

A Vicious Cycle, Stone, Alabaster, 38x23cm, 2019

Human Illness, Stone, Alabaster, 2019

A sculptor, creating contemporary fine art with a stark mix of rough and smooth textural stone surfaces, the recent body of work began as an intensive investigation of the self, and of relationships amongst people in their environments. An award winning artist exhibiting in universities, museums and art galleries, as well as held in public and private art collections.

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