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Independent & Image Art Space
Oct 10, 2020 2:57AM
Kaoru Shibuta
Can't stop feeling, 2020
Independent & Image Art Space

The world connected by sound.

Kaoru Shibuta translate musical notes into images and contemporary installations. In addition, through local culture and energy of atmosphere, he create a poetic symphony composed of images, colours and harmony, which is a perfect fusion between nature, music and art.

"If Mozart is the one who composes music to link the terrestrial world to the celestial world, I am the one who undertakes him to propagate it with my painting. If Beethoven composed to surpass philosophy, then I undertake to give them a shape with my paintings. J・S・Bach is the old testament Bible of the classical music."

JOY, Acrylic, ink, gouache on paper, 80×110cm, 2020

Kaoru Shibuta (born 1980 / from Hokkaido / based in Kyoto) 2003 Kanebo Make-up Institute, 2000 Graduated from Pan Make-up School

He grew up freely with the nature of Hokkaido, he started producing works after working as a SDF, makeup artist, plant shop, and cook. He translates music and research into paintings. Participated in a stay production project in 2018 with the open call of the Barcelona Center for Arts and Culture Espronceda. He has made presentations at artist-in-residence locations around the world such as Elisabeth Jones Art Center, Santa Monica Museum of Art, NCCA of the Russian National Center for Contemporary Art and Artist's Point Meghalaya. In Japan, he participated in Kyoto Re: Search, performed at RIHGA Royal Hotel Kyoto, and collaborated with local musicians to produce murals. In 2020, he won a special award at 14th Arte Laguna Prize 2019-20, expanding his range of activities.

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