POST-COVID-19 ERA exhibition artist | Panto Trivkovic

Independent & Image Art Space
Oct 9, 2020 2:19AM

Without mask

The mask as protection against the invisible danger of the virus is no longer needed and ends up in the trash. But through the time without the mask, mankind has lost trust in each other. It is necessary to get to know each other again.


The world is full of dangers and daily threats. This is nothing new in the history of mankind. But, it is unbelievably astonishing how mankind has always recovered from wars and famines, natural disasters and pandemics. It is indeed amazing that despite all the suffering, beautiful things can be created.

The yearning

Our world has changed: We work digitally, we study digitally, we communicate digitally, we get to know our partner digitally, we shop digitally, we go to museums digitally, we receive the latest news digitally...

But, the yearning to finally take each other in your arms and feel loved, this yearning will always be there...

Panto Trivkovic was born in 1967 in Bosnia & Herzegovina, and lives and works since 1990 in Vienna, Austria. He continues to painting with hot wax from 2004. He presented first solo show in pantoART Studio and Gallery in Vienna. In 2020, he became the member of International Encaustic Artists and member of Professional association of the Austrian visual artists.

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