Galeria Paralelo

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Mar 20, 2014 5:47PM

Paralelo Gallery was founded in São Paulo in 2010, by Flávia Marujo e Andrea Rehder, focusing on the contemporary creation and its latest trends. With a clear international flair, its target is building a bridge between Brazil and Iberoamerica, where sharing is a priority and essential experience. The gallery aims to promote the plurality of studies and languages developed by emerging artists or already established, from both sides of the Ocean. This Brazilian-Iberoamerican bridge is as well reflected on works of famous and also new national and international curators. Thus, the gallery wants to stimulate the creation of areas and moments of reunion and experiences exchange, knowledge and possibilities of being in (and belonging to) this world, and open up an infinity of talks and interactions that can sow new chances of rediscovery. Thinking about the relevance of the creative processes, the gallery invests in artistic housing for foreigner artists, promoting the joint work with them. Also, partnerships between galleries, museums and international foundations are a priority, assuring that artists of Paralelo will be able to show their work outside the boundaries. Over the last year the gallery cultural projects had increased as well as publications on the most prominent art publishers.